The Winds Are About To Change

The Winds in your life are about to change and you are going to overcome the adversity that has weighed you down!

God is going to set you up for a comeback from the struggles you have been facing. You are going to take the fast pass, first class, royal family favor class route straight into the Promised Land!

God is taking you out of the back of the line and He’s sending you to the front of the line.

You may have experienced a multitude of setbacks and trauma over the past several years but all of that is coming to an end.

Something good is going to happen to you.

The pain, the toil, and the sorrow are about to end.

Just like Paul on the Island of Malta when the snake attached itself to his hand, Satan has tried to attach himself to you and to halt your journey but you are going to shake off that evil thing that is trying to stop your ministry.

Shake it off into the fire of God’s Word and God’s grace.

Yes, the enemy has tried to stop you.  But your pain has a purpose.

God is going to take that thing that was meant for evil and He’s turning it into something good.

God is bringing the winds of change. He’s turning your sails into the wind of the Holy Spirit.  You are about to take an accelerated voyage into the perfect will of God.

Say to yourself, “I might have been dropped by people but now the King wants to see me.  I am about to sit and eat at the King’s table.  I am going to live in the palace of the King where the blessings flow. I am going to have more than enough to give into every good work.”

You are about to see above average rainfall in your life.  You need to dig those ditches deep underneath your feet because above average rainfall is about to fall. God is bringing hurricane-force rains into your life.

Favor is falling on you. God is doing exceedingly above all that you could ever ask or think.

God wants you to participate in giving and receiving.  He wants you to receive the overflow of His abundant blessings.

   He is so much more giving and merciful than our earthly father.  God is a good God.
The Word says, “if your son asks for bread, will you give him a scorpion?  How much more with your Heavenly Father then give good things to His children that ask him?”
He wants to give you His blessings
. He wants to take you to the front of the line. The south winds have begun to blow.
As long as you release what God has given you, God will begin to release blessings into your life.
 “If God is able to get it to me, he can get it through me.”

The wind of the Spirit is about to push your ship forward.

This island experience and this time in your life was sent to try to stop your ministry just like the viper was sent to stop Paul and his ministry on the Island of Malta.

But you know what? God is going to thrust your ministry forward.

Satan tried to attach sorrow and discouragement to your life.  His goal was to cause the dream within you to die.

Don’t miss your miracle in Malta.  Release all that you have that is trying to hold your back. God is going to use this time to push you forward.

Turn your Malta into a ministry.

Start extracting the blessings God has for you.

Start digging in the place that is under your feet. The wells might look dried up, but God has more wells.  He has more than enough resources.  You just have to start digging.  Get your hopes up.  Dig in even when you are mired in setbacks.

Take the limits off of God.

Motivational Sunset
Dig into God’s word and dig into praise and worship.

Discover new wells. Linger in God’s presence. How long will you sit in the presence of God and prepare yourself for revival?

God wants you to stretch your capacity to receive.

Every time you give, you are digging a ditch to receive.  It is bringing a breakthrough in your life.  Give based on what God speaks into your life.

The deeper the hole, the more room there is for God to give to you.

God is not out of finances.  He is not out of purposes.

He never runs out of blessings.

God is about to launch your life into new levels of favor.  God is about to supernaturally bless you.

God is going to give you creative ideas and witty inventions God is going to give you a life of ease in the next

half of the year.

You are going to be like Ruth and you are going to reap in the fields where you have not planted.

God wants to bring an increase in your life.  There are new dreams, there are new visions. there are new wells. There is clean water waiting for you.

The eyes of the Lord are searching to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal toward him.

Your bank account is going to be a sign and a wonder of God’s glory in the earth.

You will be a sign and a wonder of God’s glory in the earth. Your child will be a sign and a wonder of God’s glory in the earth.  God is about to bring your child into the career God has for him.

It is so important for you to fulfill your calling and get out and change your city, your state and your nation.

The end has come to the trouble that has been brewing over you.

Declare that with your mouth now!

The end has come to the trouble that has been brewing over me.

Good things are in my future.  I receive your forgiveness.

You, God, are doing exceedingly above all I could ever think, hope or imagine.

In Jesus Name Amen.

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